"... I noticed a woman holding a sign that simply stated what I considered to be the most mesmerizing line of all. The phrase, handwritten in Maira's sweet unmistakable script, read as follows:”

her story is strange

When I read that line, I was like ‘hey, that’s me’. For some reason it resonated with me. That for some reason or other, my story up to now has been strange. Not exactly normal or extraordinary or difficult, but strange.

This project exists to show that we aren’t alone in our experiences. I think there needs to be more stories for the things we aren’t talking about, because things start to get better when we don’t feel alone.

This is a place for stories by people who’ve felt different at one point or another. About what it means to find belonging, and belong to yourself.

For stories on living by your own beat.

Stories about how we can make the world a better place in our own ways.

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stories on belonging